Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle



Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle

  • Each “click” of the dial adjusts the strap 1mm for a perfect fit in the “Close” direction.
  • Easy “no pull” reverse click in the “Open” direction releases tension quickly.
  • Prefabricated, durable, and installs in minutes
  • Self Locating and Locking Magnetic Buckle
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure: 1.5” / 38mm width, 100mm (4″) of adjustable travel
  • Usable strap length: Max: 550mm (21.63″) / Min: 450mm (17.63″)
  • Cut to size
  • Magnetic buckle rated to 80kg (198lb)
  • Reduced Wear and Tear, the Dial Lock Strap System with Magnetic Buckle design allows straps to last the life of the product by eliminating repetitive hooking and unhooking.
  • DS100 / DS 200 warranty period is 6 months.

NOTE: DS-100 and DS-200 are not intended for volume control, or for adjustable sockets, but for applications that usually utilize hook and loop closures.

One-Handed Use MAGNETIC BUCKLE (DS-200)

  • Dial Adjustment and Self-Locating Magnetic Buckle closure can be closed or opened with only one hand.
  • Easy slide Release feature with magnetic self-centering engaging latch.
  • Simply slide buckle out of slot to disengage.
  • To Engage Lock, simply put buckle together in close proximity to have magnet pull buckle together.
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