Online Webinar: ST&G Material Selection for Prosthetic Socket Fabrication 1.5 CEUs

Online Webinar: ST&G Material Selection for Prosthetic Socket Fabrication 1.5 CEUs

This online webinar course is designed to provide an overview in understanding the dynamic loads that occur in a socket during the gait cycle, and how to efficiently utilize your layup and materials in order to achieve an optimal functional socket. This will include a review of differentiating properties between NSP, Carbon, and Paralex, with insight on when you would choose which material.

We will include discussion on how the gait cycle applies forces to a socket, and how to start to apply fiber orientation in consideration of how and where the forces can be. Will briefly go over more aspects of how fibers are K rated, and what that entails. Also discuss how NSP can help achieve an airtight socket without the need for a PETG inner and how to reduce the number of laminations required to achieve a custom finish design versus utilizing Carbon.

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