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Quick - Draw Shoulder Abduction Orthosis



The Quick-Draw was developed to easily manage positioning of the shoulder joint complex. The Quick-Draw orthosis can be easily and infinitely adjusted in abduction, adduction, external/internal rotation as well as flexion and extension of the shoulder. The orthosis position is simply adjusted throughout the therapy/rehab process. The orthosis is constructed with universal positioning
for left or right application.
- Universal left or right positioning
- Durable stainless steel locking shoulder joint


  • Easily adjustable lengths for shoulder joint positioning, humeral cuff positioning, forearm positioning, wrist positioning
  • Medial/lateral adjustability at pelvic section
  • Anterior/posterior adjustability at pelvic section
  • Height and length adjustability
  • Removable/washable liners

Explanation of References:

1 - Tri-planar control of the shoulder complex with locking teeth adjustment in:

  • Abduction/adduction
  • Internal/external rotation
  • Flexion/extension

2 - Flexion/extension positioning control of the elbow joint

3 - Anterior/posterior adjustability

4 - Universal left or right positioning

Quick-Draw Shoulder Abduction Orthosis, Small
Quick-Draw Shoulder Abduction Orthosis, Medium
Quick-Draw Shoulder Abduction Orthosis, Large  
Quick-Draw Shoulder Abduction Orthosis, X-Large  
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