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L1324 Stance Flexion 5-Bar Mechanical Manual Locking Knee

1323 Stance Flexion 5 Bar Pneumatic Knee

PDAC Approval Letter1323 AL
PDAC Approval Letter
1323 Stance Flexion 5 Bar Pneumatic Knee - Product Information Sheet
Instruction Manual

Lotus Adapter
Lotus adapter (for KD)

Lotus adapter (for KD)


The new standard in safety knees
This NEW knee is not the friction braking knee of old.
This geometrically aligned system never fails in stability

The L1324 is a polycentric manual locking knee with stance flexion. The stance flexion system forces the geometry into a very stable position at heel contact until the patient rolls over the toe to release the knee into swing. The knee can be flexed in stance while providing stance stability. Elegantly simplistic design for stability. With correct alignment the knee is always in a stable position for patient confidence.

  • Adjustable stance flexion from extreme stability with high stance flexion of up to 20 degrees to a very rapid response with low stance flexion
  • Adjustable constant friction for swing phase resistance
  • Adjustable extension assist for swing phase
  • Lock is manually released by pulling on the lanyard which is attached to the knee lock mechanism
  • Lock mechanism can also be removed at a later time so that the knee can be used as a free swing knee
  • Usable for either above knee or knee disarticulation
  • Best suited to be used for K2
  • The frame construction is made of superlight aluminum alloy and the 5-bar linkage is made of aircraft alloy
  • The proximal attachments has A-P slide and Rotation adjustment
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Optional adapters:pyramid adapter (for AK) and lotus adapter (for KD)
Pyramid Adapter

Lotus Adapter

Weight Limit
Build Height
Knee Flexion
135 Degrees
135 Degrees
Knee Flexion

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