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SP1200 Spike Sole & Foot Cover - Kit



SP 1200 BOA


Boa systems enable users to donn and doff the foot cover easily. Also, it leads to secure setting of foot cover over the running blade.

SP1200 Spike Sole & Foot Cover - Kit

Unique Alignment of spike pins

The spike pin alignment is specially designed for prosthetic users. The front pin of the toe is very important for prosthetic runners.

SP1200 Spike Sole & Foot Cover - Kit

Fabric to glue tightly on the blade

The plug connector is used for initial fitting.  The SP0400 allows the “SP1100 Sport Recreational Foot”, to be pinched back and forth, a length of the prosthetic limb can be slid up and down for adjustment.  This plus connector can be connected with the “SP0300 Abutment” for alignment.

SP1200 Spike Sole & Foot Cover - Kit Dual sole

Dual structure of the sole for high cushion and grip performance

After completion of initial fitting, the SPO401 Plug Connector is replaced with the “SP0400 Initial Fitting Plug Connector” for connection to the foot

SP1200 Spike Sole & Foot Cover - Kit

The thinness and lightness

The thinness makes it possible to transfer the energy return directly from the running blade. The lightness is another advantage to other spike soles.



Spike Sole & Foot Cover

Spike sole and Foot cover are developed under the collaboration between IMASEN Engineering Corporation and Mizuno, Japanese sport product manufacturer. They are specially designed for prosthetic runners to be used for Track & Field activities.

They reduce the extra work required to mount the sole in a prefabricated running shoe. The user can easily change the soles when necessary.




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