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Female Rotating Receiver Clamp




EZ ADAPT components allow you to fabricate a socket much easier, providing modular versatility to shift and rotate as needed without any hassle.

The 1705T Female Rotating Receiver Clamp is designed to work in conjunction with the EZ Adapt Series. This component series has the unique ability to adapt to any configuration of alignment necessary for the lower extremity prosthetics. The 1705T is designed to give a female receiver and rotation when combined with our EZ Adaptors 1702T, 1703T, 1704T and 1216T-LP. Set screws should be torqued and Loctite applied after alignment is complete.

The Female Rotating Receiver Clamp is a titanium female receiver designed to thread onto the EZ Adapter series. This titanium adapter gives the ultimate advantage in strength and versatility when space is limited. This lite space saving device also gives the added benefit of rotation.

Material of Base
Weight Limit


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