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Variable, Varus, Valgus (V-3) Correction Joint



The V-3 joint has some significiant benefits and features which include; Ease of fabrication with the utilization of the polyurethane fabrication molding dummies, allows for complete vertical alignment in the coronal plane, simple varus/valgus correction adjustability, a self- aligning midsection that provides a smooth free motion articulation at any angle, superior rotation stability of AFO. All of these features provide for an easily adjustable ankle joint system during the fitting process. In addition, interlocking proximal grooves ensure secure joint placement within plastic. The V-3 is a durable and light weight design machined from high quality stainless steel. This joint is also extremely cost effective and saves fabrication and fitting time.

Variable Joint, Adult Pair
Variable Joint Fabrication Molding Dummy Each  
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